Monday, April 07, 2008

the blog is migrating... 

for continued coverage of keri's 3-day training and fundraising progress, please go to http://keris3day2008.blogspot.com.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fundraising and Training Updates 

I'm just back from sunny Puerto Rico and a long weekend-type vacation. It was a rude awakening to come back to Boston, where today was sunny and very windy! While in Puerto Rico, I'd guess (I left my pedometer at home) that my friends and I logged at least a few miles wandering around the narrow streets of Viejo San Juan. I'm counting these in my training, but I'll start in earnest this weekend. Last night was a volleyball night (reverse co-ed 4's league), and my team was short a player, so I was wicked tired. I'll call that a cross training day. =-D

Fundraising update - thanks to the quick clickers and/or check writers:

Jim Purdy of Planners Collaborative - the first to donate! =) ;
Alison Felix of PB;
Dad & Rose;
Vito & Nancy Palombella;
Maggie Campbell Jackson of HSH;
John Thomas of Beals & Thomas;
Linda Lukas, former HSH-er, now with Symmes Maini and McKee;
Anne McKinnon of HSH; and
Dave Wamester of Gale International.

Thanks, y'all, for getting the fundraising ball rolling! So far, you've helped me raise $565. Those who wrote checks, your names will show up on my honor roll on my 3-day personal page in a week or so, once the checks have been processed.

thank you thank you thank you!

More news later on this KBS station.

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