Friday, April 30, 2004

sick, i was 

once again, i am neglecting the blog. sorry sorry sorry.

i played vb tournaments both days last weekend. the one on saturday was for charity - my friend tiffany is doing the MS Ride on Nantucket (Martha's Vineyard?) this weekend.

on monday i got hit with the creeping lung fungus, so i got a sub for my monday night vb league (yes, i was THAT sick!) and went home to bed. i felt no better on tuesday, so again arranged for a sub for my tuesday league and stayed home in bed. wednesday was back to work, with much piled up in my absence.

it's gorgeous here in boston today (friday), and it's supposed to be bee-YOO-TEE-ful through the weekend. unfortunately (or not), i will be inside playing vb all weekend. some friends are playing at the sandbox, but i have to keep my shoes on for a few more weeks.

only 14 days until the walk! a few new donations to report:

thanks to Lisa Morrissey, another vb nut with whom i'm playing this sunday, and to Karen Kinslow, a sorority sister from RPI. I can now add NJ officially to my list of places from whence peeps have donated. Thanks to you both.

It should also be noted that a Kodak moment was had at the White Horse Tavern in Brighton after last Saturday's tourney, when Bruno officially presented me with the BVA check from the charity tournament that took place in March. It wasn't a super-sized check, but the amount sure was - $1,240! it should also be noted that Jen left the camera in the car, so no film was actually harmed during the happening of this moment.

I'm really proud to say that I raised over $1,800 even without the BVA check. It was the icing on the cake! It's great to have so much support. Thanks to all of you. You've been a great crowd! Goodnight!

Stay tuned for a word from our sponsors. More news later on this KBS station.

and...for all you Yankee fans out there I have two words:

Ha HA!


Thursday, April 22, 2004

stupid bruins....GO RED SOX!!!! 

since i've once again been neglecting the postings, i have to take a moment to rant about the B's blowing their 3-1 series lead over the stupid Habs. grrrr.....the fleece center bull gang better get that billboard on the side of the arena down quick. the one that has a picture of joe thornton (of the aching rib cage) with a caption that reads, "sending other teams to the golf courses one series at a time..." or some such drivel. once again the marketing machine jumped the gun on that one, since they are the ones golfing now. well, as we habitually say here in beantown, "there's always next year." *sigh* oh, the pain and agony of being a boston sports fan. and now back to your regularly scheduled red sox season.

i should also note that the Black and Gold losing to Les Habitants only provides fodder for my theory that no two Boston professional sports teams can win on the same day. so here's hoping (as we always do) that the Sox don't blow it. it's early yet....

now back on track - there has been little training that does not involve volleyball. i played a women's C+ last weekend (with much better results than the previous weekend - we went 3-5) plus practice sunday night and the regular CR league monday night.

i skipped the tuesday CR league in favor of dining with the partners in my firm and other management members from my office at locke-ober. i highly recommend the food and ambiance at locke-ober. the jfk lobster stew is to die for, and the steak au poivre wasn't bad either. i also had the pleasure of being soundly trounced by several of the partners at pool. i did warn them about how bad my game was...thanks to dennis o'brien, joe donovan, and stu lerner for putting up with my ineptitude and even letting me win one in the face of enormous pressure. i felt like i coulda been on ESPN2 in the World Championships of Pool or something (except that my pool game is so bad that I would be on the episode where they show what NOT to do). the room was very quiet except for the encouragement of several of the partners and managers. and the groaning when i missed a shot (which was often). it was surreal to say the least.

no new donations to report, but since i've made my goal and then some, i am not overly concerned. of course, just because i've met my goal, dont let that stop you from donating online or sending a check....

just to gloat for a moment (we dont get to do it very often), the Sox took 3 out of 4 from the Evil Empire of George Steinbrenner last weekend and A-Rod made his first error of the season to boot! GO RED SOX!!!!

more news later on this KBS station.

Monday, April 12, 2004

happy monday 

it's monday. there was no training tonight. I played in coed reverse vb league number one for the week. number two happens tomorrow night.

i played in an accelerated format women's c+ tournament on saturday. we were collectively and individually awful. there were flashes of greatness, but they were few and far between the long stretches of inertia. inertia on the vb court is a VERY BAD THING. it was the most frustrating vb day i've had in awhile.

saturday night, i watched Under the Tuscan Sun, which is a very beautiful movie. i highly recommend it. i also watched The Rundown, which was entertaining if predictable. but it has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it, so it's all good.

sunday was for cleaning and laundering and other household-y items. i put up curtains in my bedroom. yay! i also had the misfortune to watch the Bruins LOSE in Montreal. Boo!! Hiss!! Let's hope they put on a better show tomorrow night. GO BRUINS!

thanks to Marie Payton's company, Serono, for their matching donation to my walk.

33 days til the walk. yikes! looks like i will be forcing myself to walk in the rain because it's supposed to rain all week. yay. i know the saying, but i still hate april showers.

more news later on this KBS station.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

where has the week gone? 

here it's thursday already! zoinks! the weather is improving, but i'm still not training. i've been at the office late the last couple nights.

my knees are bothering me again. i hope this is merely a sign of spring and not a bad omen. the right one was pretty swollen after vb tuesday.

the donation wheel is still rolling. thanks to the following peeps:
Lesley Robins, writing guru at Vollmer NYC, and
Rob Hicks & Joe Schirripa of Vollmer Boston.

although it is not all showing up on the website yet, my totals so far are $2,925, which is over $1,000 more than I needed. So thanks again to everyone for the show of support for a great cause!

Monday, April 05, 2004

i'm back... 

and i promise to be better about posting. so here's everything that's happened since 3/22 (2 weeks - yikes!):

my birthday was 3/25, and i had the pleasure of going to a night meeting with a client instead of taking the day off to celebrate, as i usually do. the meeting lasted until 11 pm, during which time i had the pleasure of learning that consultants always disagree about everything (like i didnt already know this). and engineering consultants tend to disagree more, since every engineering consultant will come up with a different way to invent the wheel, and my way is always better than the other guy's. in this case, the engineering argument was about drainage, about which i know this: water runs downhill. water also runs in my basement after our storm last week. once you introduce rates of stormwater runoff, and other such "engineering judgement" items, there's no getting two consultants to agree.

so i took friday (3/26) off instead of my actual birthday. but i ended up going to the office for a couple hours anyway, because we had a submittal due to a client that wasn't quite finished when i left for thursday night's meeting. after i left the office, i had "girl day:" haircut, manicure, meet the girls for drinks and dinner at this awesome little bistro in the Back Bay called Firefly.

on Saturday, 3/27, I played in a Women's C vb tournament at CCRI. We did alright, losing in the semi-finals to the eventual winner of the tournament. I played middle (I'm trying to practice this, even though I am not really tall enough to play middle at the higher levels), and had 3-4 HUGE blocks on a really good hitter in our semi-final match. It was a fun team, and we had a fun day even though we would've liked a slightly better end result.

I've started playing 2 new vb leagues, both coed reverse format. One team plays Mondays and the other on Tuesdays. and of course, i am still practicing on sunday nights.

last saturday night, i hosted a housewarming party (first official party in the new house). thanks to ruthanne and erin for coming over friday night to continue painting so that the foyer was finished and the dining room partially finished. i spent saturday before the party in a frenzy of cleaning/shopping/putting away misc. crap that doesnt have its own spot yet. having 20 people showing up on your doorstep is a great spring cleaning motivator.

i think a good time was had by all. we ate, we drank, we watched 5 minutes (in CBK time) of the Duke/UConn game, we were merry. thanks to scott, the chocolate martini god; to ruthanne, the first to arrive and the last to leave, my stand-in for hostess duties; and to all my friends who came and made it a special night.

notice, in all of the above, there has been no mention of walking. that's because circumstances are conspiring to keep me from training: deadlines, vb, the weather, and the house have all kept me inside, instead of walking. if spring would ever arrive in new england, i would be able to go somewhere. on foot.

in terms of fundraising, i am doing wonderfully well. I have raised 90% of the $1,800, and that total doesn't even include the BVA tournament money. I just found out from Bruno last night that we raised $1,240 for my walk! So that's put me WAY over the top. (DO NOT use this as an excuse not to donate!!! Keep those contributions coming! it's for a great cause, and it's tax deductible.)

others to thank for their contributions in the last couple weeks:
Larry Warner of Vollmer Boston and
Darcy Barz, with whom I attended junior high and high school in Billings, MT.
Thanks to both of you for your generous contributions!

more news later on this KBS station.

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