Tuesday, February 24, 2004

more walking and more thanking. :) 

the silly virus thing i had is still kicking around, although i am doing my best to ignore it. :)

i didn't walk sunday or yesterday. instead, i played volleyball for 3+/- hours on sunday. i subbed in a league plus had a 2-hr practice where all we did was block/hit/dig. we love small practices. since there were only 4 women at practice this week, we got in lots of reps on digging the ball, then transitioning to an attack. or blocking the ball and transitioning to an attack. many thanks to brian and glen, who each, at separate times, were exiled to the women's net to set for the four of us. and, boy, do my knees ache from all that jumping.

on monday, i played a match with my regular coed team, then subbed with a coed/reverse coed team for 3 timed matches, then played another match with my regular coed team. and then a couple of the volleyball nuts (myself included) ended the night with 20 minutes of coed doubles. all of that added up to about 4 hours of volleyball, more or less. i was LUCKY to be walking this morning. although hobbling was more like it.

tonite, monica and i walked from my office to the Prudential Center to do a little shopping. I have a date friday night, plus I needed to buy my usual new suit for my firm's annual partners' meeting in boston, which will take place in april. although the walk was probably only a mile or two (including walking around the Prudential Center), it was still walking. so i am counting it towards the training.

the latest contributors to my fundraising campaign:
thanks to Jen Ocif and to Jen's company, Reebok, for a matching donation.
thanks to John Eberle and Kermit Hua from the Hamden, CT office of Vollmer Associates.
thanks to Samer Mosallam and Chris Roy from Vollmer's Boston office.
thanks to Claire Wegrzyn (soon to be a precocious 1-year old) and her parents, Scott and Joyce.

T-minus 81 days...the fundraising's going great, the training not as well.

more news later on this KBS station.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

on a gloomy saturday... 

i walked to the used bookstore, the meat market, and the fish market. i've discovered that there are excellent "mom & pop" meat and fish markets in maplewood square, which is not far from my house. so i walked to them, despite the threat of rain, thus continuing the training (the way back is ALL uphill), and promoting clean air via alternative modes of transportation (aka feet, bikes, seguys, rollerblades - anything but the single-occupancy vehicle).

the training has a bit of a setback yesterday, as i've contracted some bug that involves my not being able to keep any food down. yesterday's diet consisted of weak tea and dry toast. ugh. today i managed french toast and coffee. i'm gonna try steak for dinner tonite, which might be a poor choice, but i'm tired of toast and tea.

Thanks to Leanne Norman, another of Rose's extended family, for donating to the cause!

T-minus 84 days and counting...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

i can't tell yet... 

whether this is going to be one of those weeks that drag forever or fly by.

"request permission for fly-by."
"negative, ghost rider. the pattern is full."

(quick - name that movie...)

yesterday involved more volleyball and thus, no walking. today involves no walking because walking is painful. i might have over done it a bit with the tournament and practice on sunday and then a triple header last night.

first training walk tomorrow after work. all my parts (especially my legs) should be in reasonable working order by then.

thanks to Joe at Vollmer for adding to the cause. And to Alice and Pam Coleman from the Rose Crew for their generosity.

Monday, February 16, 2004

just a quickie... 

no walking today (that is, sunday, although technically it is now monday), since i spent the entire day playing volleyball. first, a volleyball tournament and second, volleyball practice. i'm not an addict, it's cool...

the fundraising campaign has just had a HUGE boost from Ben Taubman and Bruno Tramontozzi, co-owners of Boston Volleyball Association, the organization with which i play much of my volleyball. BVA is going to sponsor a charity tournament, with all proceeds going to my Avon Walk. How AWESOME is that? And, I get to play in the tournament to boot! Double bonus! Money for a great cause AND volleyball! Woo Hoo! A great big shout of thanks to Ben and Bruno for thinking of this and offering to organize! YOU GUYS ROCK!

we will now pause for this test of the emergency broadcast system. Had this been an actual emergency...I still would be asleep on my feet.

more news later on this KBS station.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

this just proves i know nothing about the web... 

monica has her own blog. i had no intention of having her post here. which just proves i have no idea what i am doing. :) so the permission will be rescinded. if i can figure out how to do that.

now on to the fundraising kudos for the day: thanks to Marie and Shawn Payton for their generous contribution. all of this means i am nearly a quarter of the way toward my goal! thanks again!

i think there will be mostly no training today, since i am chained to the house until the cable guy gets here. tomorrow i am playing a vball tournament, so i will be doing something all day, even though it will not be walking. :)

more news later. must get coffee.

Friday, February 13, 2004

do you think... 

.... Keri gave me permission to post here on purpose?

em :)

day two: T-minus 92 days to Avon Walk 

hi everyone!

First thanks to the Vollmer folks who have put their names on my manual list: Janice and Aaron. Thanks also to Rose for sending a shout out to her network of family and friends about the walk, and to those individuals for responding: Jill Mills Polich, Pat Barnes, Sharilyn Hunke, and Karen Ardy.

Thanks to all of you, we've raised around $350 for breast cancer care and research.

training update: I plan to walk from my office in Downtown Crossing, Boston, to Anthem (near the Fleet Center) for dinner with Susan. The distance is around 1 mile. I gotta start somewhere, right?

Start small, dream big. (sounds kind of like a life motto, doesn't it?)

now back to your regularly scheduled friday the 13th. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2004

well, here i am. copying monica with the blogging.

i figure if i require myself to update this every day, maybe it will motivate me to ACTUALLY TRAIN for the Avon Walk, since I can't find anyone willing to drive along next to me dangling either a guinness or a bar of chocolate in front of me. :)

first order of business: new shoes and a backpack. then i will have absolutely no excuse. ;P

thanks to the following individuals, who've already demonstrated their monetary support: Rose & Dad, Joanna & John, Steve & Mindy, Monica, Vito & Nancy, Jimbo, Jen Ocif, Mark Farrington, and Eric & April Corl.

more news on the acquiring of appropriate footwear (thanks to jen, footwear engineer extraordinaire, for the assistance) and a backpack tomorrow. as well as the start of the training, if i can actually move after the coed reverse C- tournament in Clinton on sunday.

more news later on this KBS station.

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